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Hi Ms. Douglas I am finally saying, thank you for the painting! It is beautiful, colorful, and desired by everyone that walks into my office. I love it!!! Please let me know of any art shows or activities that will involve your work as i would love to attend. Keep painting~
-- P. Thomas, 3/17/16

hello Septi pratiwi introduce my name I come from indonesia and I am a student. please visit my website
-- Septi Pratiwi, 2/23/16

Best ArtWork In Atlanta!!
-- Mylahn Dabney, 2/5/16

This website is very interesting to see. the article was interesting to read. hopefully article in the post is always helpful to the readers of this website.
-- Lina, 2/4/16

Beautiful Work. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us.
-- Robin Armstead, 6/23/15

what nice work you have here
-- Tierra, 4/24/14

Beautiful Art and Website! I will be sure to bring you back something from South Africa!! See you when I return. :)
-- Nadine Duncan, 4/4/14

Hey Ms. Douglas, just stoping by to show your page some love. Nice work. Can't wait to work with you. Raven W. T. H. Slater Elem
-- Raven Walker , 1/16/14

I love your art work u expire me to do better
-- Kaliyah Printup, 8/30/13

WOW.....Vibrant,bold,alive, I cant decide which one of your prints I want to acquire first. Bravo Dominique
-- Dominique Logan, 4/8/13

i still see it and it looks amazing
-- Yamelat, 3/30/13

your art is great!
-- Tammi, 5/7/12

Tammy, I love your artwork! I'm so proud of you! Keep it up...XOXO ~Toya Garrison
-- Toya Garrison, 7/22/11

Hi Tammy, Congratulations on your new website and your upcoming art show. I am looking forward to being at the show this Friday--all of your pieces are so beautiful! Wishing you the very best. Peace & Blessings, Tanya Fisher (your mom's friend)
-- Tanya Fisher, 2/10/11

Tami, your art is absolutely devine. I'm sending the website to everyone I know. Continued success! Donna
-- Donna Daniel, 1/13/11

Awesome work very creative!
-- Patrick Pass, 12/17/10

Amazing work sis! Absolutely outstanding...God bless and keep it up!
-- Howard Kow, 12/17/10

I wish you ALL the success in the world. It's a bold and courageous thing to step out on faith to do something that you dream of doing. I love some of your pieces and in the very near future I will be making a purchase..
-- The Baker's Oven, 12/17/10

Hey, i like your style!!!!! Keep up the wonderful work youve been so dedicated to all these years...
-- Damon Logan, 12/16/10